Running Assessment


A running assessments consists of a 60 minute assessment done by one of our specially trained physiotherapists. The physiotherapist will look at your running stride, with and without shoes, while on a treadmill. You will have your posture, cadence, vertical displacement and impact assessed. Your shoes will be examined to determine if they are appropriate for your body type, running style and experience. The physiotherapist will also perform special tests assessing range of motion, strength, and movement patterns.

The end result of the running assessment is that you will have a thorough understanding of proper running posture, footwear and progression as they relate to you. You will receive corrective exercises that will help put you in a running posture that increases your running efficiency, making you able to run further and faster with less effort. The corrective exercises will also prevent injuries and keep you running pain free.

The running assessment is ideally suited for runners who are looking to improve their times and distances, get rid of pain, or are new to running and want to ensure that they are doing things correctly.