Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for an appointment?

For an initial physiotherapy assessment and treatment the cost is $70 and each follow up treatment appointments it is $50. 
For massage treatment the cost is $70 for one hour and $50 dollars for half hour. Prices do not include tax.

How long is an appointment?

A physiotherapy appointment takes approximately one hour. Appointment times do vary according to the condition and stage of treatment that you are in. Massage therapy appointments are available as one hour or half an hour and include an assessment. It is recommended to book an hour for your first appointment to accommodate your assessment.

Do you need a doctor’s referral?

You do not need a doctor’s letter to attend physiotherapy, massage therapy or movement rehabilitation. However your private insurance company may require that you see a doctor in order to cover the cost of your treatment. Check with your private insurance company for details about your particular plan.

Can you bill insurance companies directly?

We are able to direct bill to some insurance companies. We can bill Great West Life and Blue Cross directly provided you have a doctor referral if your plan requires you to have one. It is best if you check with your insurance company before your appointment to ensure they provide this service.

What can I expect at a physiotherapy or massage therapy appointment?

An initial appointment consists of a history, physical exam, and treatment. A history consists of gathering the details of your injury through a one-on-one discussion of your symptoms. A physical exam involves an inspection of the area in question and surrounding joints. You will be asked to move and resist movements; the therapist will perform special manual tests to the injured tissue.

Physiotherapy treatments consist of education on the injury and its cause, treatment with modalities such as manual therapy, acupuncture, electrical current, ultrasound and corrective exercises.

Massage therapy treatments consist of education on the injury and its cause, treatment with Swedish massage techniques and other manual therapy depending on your condition.

In both therapies you will be provided with activities and exercises to perform at home to decrease your symptoms and prevent recurrence.

Follow up appointments involve examining progress, symptoms, evaluating exercises and movement, treatment with modalities, and progressing exercises and activities as tolerated.

Do you have to have a sport injury in order to come to your clinic?

While we are highly knowledgeable in sports and orthopedic injuries, we successfully treat injuries sustained by people in all walks of life and at various activity levels.

What do I wear, bring?

For Physiotherapy: If you have a low back or lower body injury you should bring or wear loose fitting shorts or spandex shorts and a tee shirt. If you have an upper body injury men should be prepared to go without a shirt and women should be prepared to wear a tank top or sports bra.

It is important to be able to physically see the affected area to accurately diagnosis and properly treat the area. You will also be performing some exercise so it is important to be able to move freely.

For Massage Therapy: Since massage therapy is applied to the skin and soft tissues, you will be asked to dress down to your comfort level. You will be draped with sheets and only the area to be treated will be visible to the therapist. If you have any concerns you can discuss them with your therapist before treatment. You comfort is our priority.

What makes us different?

At Sports Centre Physiotherapy, all of our therapists assess every injury for the cause as well as the diagnosis. We treat the root of your injury as well as the symptoms to prevent recurannce. We are proactive by offering movement rehabilitation programs to ensure that you are moving properly after your injury or to prevent injuries. We place a premium on education so that our therapists stay current on the latest treatment options and so we have multiple options with which to address your injury. We give individual attention to each client from the greeting at the door, help with paperwork, direct billing, one-on-one assessment time, physiotherapy assistants helping with corrective exercise, and printed home exercises.