Do you love the sport of running? We offer Running Assessments at Sports Centre

A running assessment is performed by a Physiotherapist (Colin Moore, Jenny Dickson or Joyce Ling). The physiotherapist will look at your running stride on a treadmill. You will have your posture, cadence, vertical displacement, and impact assessed. Your shoes will be examined to determine if they are appropriate for your body type, running style, and experience. The physiotherapist will perform special tests assessing range of motion, strength, and movement patterns. The end result of the running assessment is that you will have a thorough understanding of proper running posture, footwear, and progression as they relate to you.

You will receive corrective exercise that will help put you in a running posture that increases your running efficiency making you able to run farther and faster with less effort.

Colin Active in the CoColin active in the community at the PEI Marathon

Colin at the PEI Marathon

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